The Last of the Tile Makers



This essay portrays Keymer's last days - production of hand made tiles and wyverns ended in August 2014, at Nye Road in Burgess Hill.


Keymer Tiles was one of the oldest, most established industries in England. Keymer Brick & Tile Company evolved from the former Ditchling Potteries, a collection of various works including Dunstalls Farm owned by John Billinghurst, John Palmer and John Pomfrey - a renowned brick maker in Keymer in 1588.


When the Ditchling Common site was sold, having exhausted its supply of clay, production was moved to Nye Road over a period of 80 years between 1860 and 1940. In the late 1800’s it’s reported that the works were the largest in the South and employed over 300 people.


At the turn of the century, it was famous for the manufacture of red terracotta ware - which won awards in London in 1862 and Philadelphia in 1876. This bespoke product was used throughout the British Isles and, largely due to its early success, was re-introduced by the modern-day Keymer in the early 1990’s.


The Queen of England, members of the Rolling Stones and of the Beatles were some of Keymer's clients.


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Este ensaio retrata os últimos dias da Keymer - produção de telhas e wyverns manufaturados terminou em Agosto de 2014, em Nye Road, Burgess Hill.


Keymer Tiles é uma das mais antigas indústrias de Inglaterra. A Keymer Brick & Tile evoluiu a partir dos antigos Potteries Ditchling e da Dunstalls Farm, propriedade de John Billinghurst, John Palmer e de John Pomfrey – um respeitado industrial da cerâmica em 1588.


Quando o site Common Ditchling foi vendido, tendo esgotado a sua reserva de barro, a produção foi transferida para Nye Road. No final dos anos 1800, a Keymer era o maior empregador do sul de Inglaterra, com mais de 300 trabalhadores.


A Keymer ganhou prémios em Londres em 1862 e em Filadélfia em 1876. A telha única que produziram durante séculos foi usada em todo o território britânico.


A Rainha de Inglaterra, membros dos Rolling Stones e dos Beatles foram alguns dos clientes mais famosos da Keymer Tiles.


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